Studio YUKIKO are Art Directors, photographers and graphic designers who specialize in high end print publications. They recently designed a publication for US independent publisher Rough Beast, Three Pathways to Get Anywhere (Except When There Is a Dead End), a work of experimental non-fiction by Berlin-based architect Anna Kostreva. The book is a collection of essays, poems, impressions, and photos curated from the architect’s journals kept during her travel through Asia. Kostreva’s sharply insightful text spreads itself across genres and themes. It integrates personal anecdotes, urban and architectural analysis, and musings on the foreign to examine what can and cannot inhabit global practices. The result is a constellation of writing and images that offers the reader myriad vantage points to consider the meaning inherent to the roles of visitor and visited. © All Images


Arcademi_yukiko_1_flaneur_magazine Arcademi_yukiko_2_flaneur_magazine Arcademi_yukiko_3_flaneur_magazine Arcademi_yukiko_4_flaneur_magazine Arcademi_yukiko_5_flaneur_magazine Arcademi_yukiko_6_rough_beast Arcademi_yukiko_7_rough_beast Arcademi_yukiko_8_rough_beast Arcademi_yukiko_9_keim Arcademi_yukiko_10_keim Arcademi_yukiko_11_keim Arcademi_yukiko_12_twitch Arcademi_yukiko_13_twitch Arcademi_yukiko_14_twitch