Youth Éditions

“Youth Éditions is an ode to the youth: with the irresistible de-sire to dare, to design and to share a deep love for the art of living. An overflowing imagination, driven and inspired by young architect Joris Poggioli, exquisitely blending styles and eras, playing with lines and curves in search of harmony and formal perfection. The result is stunning: minimalist pieces with feminine lines, noble materials and vibrant colours, waiting for flamboyant and uninhibited spaces to embrace them. Created in 2017, Youth Éditions transports us through a hy-brid notion of space and time where the antique mingles with the contemporary. Heritage and futurism, time changes to interlace past and fu-ture. With the desire to design everything, to give meticulous attention to everything, to work towards an aesthetic ideal, so-metimes sculpture-like, but always feminine.Youth Éditions is nourished by encounters and sharing. The ambition is to open the door to other artists from this new ge-neration of emerging designers who are breathing new life into the decorative arts, in true French style.” © All Images

Arcademi_YOUTH_Buffet_Marbre_04 Arcademi_YOUTH_Bureau_01 Arcademi_YOUTH_Bureau_03 Arcademi_YOUTH_Bureau_07 Arcademi_YOUTH_Malle_03 Arcademi_YOUTH_Miroir_04 Arcademi_YOUTH_Stele_bois_01 Arcademi_YOUTH_Stele_Marbre_02 Arcademi_YOUTH_Stele_Marbre_03 Arcademi_YOUTH_Stele_Verte_03 Arcademi_YOUTH_Stele_Verte_04 Arcademi_YOUTH_Suspension_01 Arcademi_YOUTH_Table_Marbre_07 Arcademi_YOUTH_Table_Vernis_07 Arcademi_YOUTH_Table_Vernis_13