Xavier Soquet

So here is an very interesting series by Xavier, 21 year old photographer from Paris. Structure, surface, liquids and different gaseous states. Random or not these images develop a high level of aesthetic. © All Images


Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_1 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_2 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_3 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_4 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_5 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_6 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_7 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_8 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_9 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_10 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_11 Arcademi_Xavier_Soquet_12