Vowel – Octa

Materials that seem obsolete at first sight are given new meaning in OCTA. Waste materials that have been found act as archeological discoveries become precious when placed in a different context. VOWEL seeks symmetry in relation to the digit, interweaving different materials and shapes to redefine their aesthetic value. Materials transform into necklaces and in doing so, they enter a new dimension. © All Images


Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_1 Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_1b Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_2 Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_2b Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_3 Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_3b Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_4 Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_4b Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_5 Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_5b Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_6 Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_6b Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_7 Arcademi_VOWEL_OCTA_7b