Virgile and Joséphine

This collection of sunglasses is the result of a collaboration between Josephine Choquet and Virgile Thévoz both master graduates from ECAL in Luxury Design and Craftsmanship.The sunglasses use classic as well as more witty acetate patterns, as a tribute to this material which carries on the essence of vintage and kitsch, yet remains utterly contemporary. A few frames are combined with 2 different patterns, as an experimentation on combinations. © All Images

Arcademi_FINAL_G20130924_0001_DZ Arcademi_FINAL_G20130924_0002_DZ Arcademi_FINAL_G20130924_0003_DZ Arcademi_FINAL_G20130924_0004_DZ Arcademi_FINAL_G20130924_0005_DZ Arcademi_FINAL_G20130924_0006_DZ Arcademi_FINAL_G20130924_0007_DZ Arcademi_FINAL_G20130924_0008_DZ Arcademi_FINAL_G20130924_0009_DZ