Vincent Van Duysen

A personal legend to me. In case you don't already know let me introduce him: '' Vincent Van Duysen. Born in Lokeren, Belgium. He attended Architecture school at the Architecture Institute Saint-Lucas in Ghent and founded his design studio in Antwerp in 1990. The use of pure and tactile materials results in a clear and timeless design. An approach that covers all aspects – with respect to context and tradition – within which the senses and physical experience of the space, materials, and light place the integrity of the user at its core. Functionality, durability, and comfort are the prime components of the work. An architectural language which is not shy of aesthetics but resists fashion and trends.'' © Vincent Van Duysen architects, Alberto Piovano and Koen Van Damme.

Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_01 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_02 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_03 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_04 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_05 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_06 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_07 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_08 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_09 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_10 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_11 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_12 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_14 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_15 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_16 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_17 Arcademi_Vincent_Van_Duysen_18