Under The Influence – Private

Let us celebrate the latest issue from Under The Influence Magazine. Responsible for Art direction and Design are Thomas Cristiani and Antoine Roux, the incredible VLF studio. Reimagining the magazine’s potential as a cultural artefact, each issue is curated around a unified theme, which is then realised through unique collaborations between leading practitioners from a range of disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach to the creation of thematically linked content allows our printed pages to enact a verbal and visual dialogue across cultural platforms – from art to fashion, social history to music, architecture to current affairs. Independently published, the magazine maintains an uncompromising stance of promoting ingenuity and progressive ideas. © All Images



Arcademi_UndertheInfluence_Private_01 Arcademi_UndertheInfluence_Private_03 Arcademi_UndertheInfluence_Private_04 Arcademi_UndertheInfluence_Private_05 Arcademi_UndertheInfluence_Private_06 Arcademi_UndertheInfluence_Private_07 Arcademi_UndertheInfluence_Private_08 Arcademi_UndertheInfluence_Private_09 Arcademi_UndertheInfluence_Private_10 Arcademi_UndertheInfluence_Private_11