Type Life #2

The second issue of Type Life brings a cornucopia of visual inspiration. Swiss Typefaces presents insights into their cosmos of style, fonts, and fashion. This is the only place where you’ll find both Rihanna and Rudolf Koch, and where photos of contemporary art and streetwear are framed by engravings from the Caslon foundry. Type Life doesn’t make many words, and instead shows plenty of letterforms. Printed in seven Pantone colors, it features mirrored words, slanted letters, gradients and all the other things your design prof wouldn’t approve of. At the heart of this issue is Sang Bleu – the name both of a typeface and of a creative agency. Over the past decade, the two have built a legacy together. Shown are fonts that debuted in the Sang Bleu magazine, some of which later were released by Swiss Typefaces, and others that remained private. Custom typefaces designed for Vogue appear next to the experimental script variant SangBleu Snakes, followed by a stunning guest contribution from the Paris-based Studio Jimbo. Type Life #2 is made perfect by an introduction to the all-new SangBleu typeface and the accompanying printed book that showcases its 5 collections and 45 styles, released in October 2017. Type life #2 is available from Ligature Books and Motto Distribution. © All Images


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