Tsatsas – CLOSER

With the project CLOSER Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and Dimitrios Tsatsas would like to draw our attention to details, something they have been doing for years with their designs. Nothing is left to chance in their bags and accessories: be it the specially designed pulls on zips; the delicate, connecting brass tubes of the core leather straps; or even the single seam along a handle, which the two discuss and examine together. CLOSER seeks to encourage us to look more closely. And to capture the beauty of a transient moment before it disappears never to return again. Visit Tsatsas for a more detailed insight on the project and the amazing range of products. © All Images


Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_01_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_02_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_03_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_04_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_05_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_06_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_07_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_08_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_09_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_10_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_11_lores Arcademi_TSATSAS_CLOSER_12_lores