Tobias Faisst

This is Tobias Faisst’s great work, a design student from Berlin currently in his 8th semester of studying communication design in Potsdam. In the past he has been working with people you might already be familiar with: Amos Fricke and Studio Hausherr. Within his photographic work he explores the interaction between sculpture and photography. We really like the outcome.© 2014 All images

Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_01 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_02 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_03 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_04 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_05 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_06 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_07 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_08 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_09 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_10 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_11 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_12 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_13 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_14 Arcademi_TobiasFaisst_Titelbild