Tim Bruening

Tim Bruening was born 1983 in Hannover, Germany, he currently lives and works in Hamburg and elsewhere. Check out this funky selection we made to present you a piece of the real deal, straight thuggin' it up Bruening. Apart from several exhibitions like this years Pudel Art Basel, Tim might be familiar through, Purple Fashion, Jetzt Magazin, Vice, Zeit Magazin, or our beloved bedside table guardianesse Tissue Magazine. © All Images


Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_01 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_02 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_03 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_04 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_05 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_06 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_07 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_08 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_09 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_10 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_11 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_12 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_13 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_14 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_15 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_16 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_17 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_18 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_19 Arcademi_Tim_Bruening_20