Till Wiedeck

HelloMe is a Berlin based design studio creating ideas, art direction and design for art, culture and commerce, headed by Till Wiedeck. He founded the studio in 2008 in Münster, Germany. Prior to establishing HelloMe, he worked at Bureau Mario Lombardo and Fons Hickmann m23. Since summer 2008 he lives and works in Berlin, Germany. HelloMe works in various fields of design and develops big & small solutions for a wide range of media from offline to online.  © All Images


Arcademi_HelloMe_BerlinArtPrize_Identity_1 Arcademi_HelloMe_BerlinArtPrize_Identity_2 Arcademi_HelloMe_BerlinArtPrize2013_1 Arcademi_HelloMe_BerlinArtPrize2013_2 Arcademi_HelloMe_CriticalObjects_A5Flyer_1 Arcademi_HelloMe_CriticalObjects_Catalogue_1 Arcademi_HelloMe_CriticalObjects_Catalogue_2 Arcademi_HelloMe_Marsano_By Arcademi_HelloMe_MeSucceeds_Tour2012_01 Arcademi_HelloMe_THITH_Poster_01 Arcademi_HelloMe_THITH_SingleCWM_01 Arcademi_HelloMe_VladimirKaraleev_AW13_1