Till Janz & Hendrik Schneider

Till Janz and Hendrik Schneider are a photography duo living and working between London and Berlin. In 2007 they became friends during their art studies in London and collaborate ever since. Their editorial work has been published in various magazines, including ZEIT Magazin, The Germans, Max Joseph Magazin (Bayerische Staatsoper), Monopol Magazin and many more. Something we really like and we’ll definitely keep an eye on your work, boys! © All Images


Arcademi_TillJanz_01 Arcademi_TillJanz_02 Arcademi_TillJanz_03 Arcademi_TillJanz_04 Arcademi_TillJanz_05 Arcademi_TillJanz_06  Arcademi_TillJanz_08 Arcademi_TillJanz_09 Arcademi_TillJanz_10 Arcademi_TillJanz_11 Arcademi_TillJanz_12 Arcademi_TillJanz_13 Arcademi_TillJanz_Titelbild