Thomas Rousset

Thomas Rousset (b. 1984, France) graduated in 2009 from ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland, in photography. His images offer an ambiguous overlapping of representations and realities, a mixture that is constantly flirting with the limits of everyday life and imagination. The result is a stage representation that plays with the codes of both fairytales and realism. His work has been exhibited in various venues (Amsterdam, Bienne, Berne, Cologne, Zurich, Geneva, Arles, Paris, Rome.) It has also been published in various magazines such as M Le magazine du Monde, Foam, Blink, Washington Post, Libération,… His work has been selected in various international competitions such as "Foam Tallent" and the "International Festival of Fashion and Photography" at Hyères. Thomas Rousset lives and works between Lausanne and Paris. © All Images

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