Teuber Kohlhoff

TEUBER KOHLHOFF was founded in 2015 by Franzi Kohlhoff and Anna Teuber, both trained as textile and graphic designers. They work within the wide spectrum of design and communication as they for example offer weaving and knitting designs for industrial textile productions. To get yourself an impression of their portfolio, please have a look at some of their absolutely nice works and yes, we would not mind to cuddle ourselves into one of those textiles after summer’s gone …  © All Images


Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_01 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_02 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_03 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_04 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_05 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_06 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_07 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_08 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_09 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_10 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_11 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_12 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_13 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_14 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_15 Arcademi_TeuberKohlhoff_Titelbild