Terrazzo Project

The Terrazzo Project was initiated in 2011 by Lausanne-based industrial designers Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard and Philippe-Albert Lefebvre. We're really impressed how they reclaimed a yet antiquated material, Terrazzo, into some really modern and cool pieces. See for yourself, folks … © All Images Nicolas Genta, Florine Bonaventure, Jennifer Niederhauser and Luke Archer


Arcademi_Terrazzo_Project_02 Arcademi_Terrazzo_Project_03 Arcademi_Terrazzo_Project_04 Arcademi_Terrazzo_Project_05 Arcademi_Terrazzo_Project_06 Arcademi_Terrazzo_Project_07 Arcademi_Terrazzo_Project_Titelbild