Tássia Bianchini

“The main themes and research subjects explored in my paintings are the body and moviment as abstract concepts non limited by it´s phisycal aspects, color as a thing in itself and painting as an object beyond the sole visual experience; obssession and transience, matter and immateriality in a tangent; memory - in the sense of thought duration and the sense of space. My method of work can be better described by Bergson´s description of Intuition as a method which suggests that the only way a thing can be known is through coinciding with the uniqueness of its becoming - "To try to fit a concept on an object is simply to ask what we can do with the object, and what it can do for us. To label an object with a certain concept is to mask in precise terms the kind of action or attitude the object should suggest to us”


Arcademi_Bianchini_6167lowres Arcademi_Bianchini_6192LowRes Arcademi_Bianchini_6208LowRes Arcademi_Bianchini_6352_LowRes Arcademi_Bianchini_6690LowRes Arcademi_Bianchini_7021_LowRes Arcademi_Bianchini_7055_LowRes Arcademi_Bianchini_7063_LowRes Arcademi_Bianchini_7308_LowRes Arcademi_Bianchini_Untitled4614_2015_LowRe Arcademi_Bianchini&De-Rick_6300LowRes