Swiss Typefaces – SangBleu

Swiss Typefaces releases the all-new SangBleu typeface. Guided by their vision of future graphic and editorial design, the Swiss type design company has developed SangBleu into an elaborate supercollection of unprecedented structure and versatility. The typeface consists of five full-featured collections: Empire, Kingdom, Republic, Versailles, and Sunrise, each in a range of weights with matching italics, spanning 45 styles in total. On the occasion of the launch of the SangBleu typeface, Swiss Typefaces issues a book for lovers of the printed letterform. On 128 pages, “SangBleu Typeface: The King, His Court, The Explorer & The Gift” celebrates cutting-edge typography in general and the SangBleu fonts in particular. Devised as a collector’s item, it provides a unique combination of design and content: at the heart of the publication is a novella by Daniela Party, specifically written for this purpose. © All Images

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