Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a real gem for you to discover. Let us introduce you to Sturdy. Founded back in 1978 by Martha Sturdy, a young art school graduate who made a quite remarkable career since then with her sculptures being featured in Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. As high quality as their art and design pieces look as sophisticated are their clients they provide with their strong designs. Just to mention a few: Saks, Bergdorf Goodman’s Neiman Marcus, Four Seasons and so on. Now who’s with us writing a never ending craving list? All contents copyright © 2013 Sturdy

Arcademi_Sturdy_1 Arcademi_Sturdy_3 Arcademi_Sturdy_4 Arcademi_Sturdy_5 Arcademi_Sturdy_6 Arcademi_Sturdy_7 Arcademi_Sturdy_8 Arcademi_Sturdy_9 Arcademi_Sturdy_10 Arcademi_Sturdy_11 Arcademi_Sturdy_12 Arcademi_Sturdy_13 Arcademi_Sturdy_14 Arcademi_Sturdy_15 Arcademi_Sturdy_16 Arcademi_Sturdy_Titelbild