Studio Nito

Studio nito was launched by Nil Atalay and Tobias Juretzek 2015. It is a Germany based design studio. Different backgrounds, textile design plus furniture and exhibition design, are vibrant in their work. With a special interest in experimenting, discovering and developing, they often follow an emotional approach creating strong characters and relationships. This results in a balance between function, technology and emotional bonds to objects. So they design coherent contents by translating moments, particularity or something unexpected into tangible forms.

Arcademi_studio-nito_BOBINA-CHAIR_2 Arcademi_studio-nito_BOBINA-CHAIR_10 Arcademi_studio-nito_BOBINA-COFFEE--TABLE_2 Arcademi_studio-nito_BOBINA-COFFEE--TABLE_4 Arcademi_studio-nito_BOBINA+TINT_3 Arcademi_studio-nito_TINT_2 Arcademi_studio-nito_TINT_4 Arcademi_studio-nito_TINT_9 Arcademi_studio-nito_TINT_11 Arcademi_studio-nito_TINT_cut-out_3