Studio Manuel Raeder

Studio Manuel Raeder is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Berlin, founded by Manuel Raeder in 2003. The works have a wide range of formats exploring the boundaries between exhibitions, ephemera, books, type design, editing, publishing, to furniture design approaching them as carriers of information, or experimental devices to document or conceit narratives. The studio has developed long standing collaborations with artists such as Eran Schaerf, Mariana Castillo Deball, Haegue Yang, Nora Schultz, BLESS, fAbraham Cruzvillegas and Sergej Jensen. It has been responsible for the communication strategies and graphic identity of several cultural institutions, such as Para Site, Hong Kong (since 2013); k.m, Kunstverein Munich (since 2010); and Artists Space, New York (since 2009) to name only a few. So here are some impressions. Unfortunately there is no chance to explain each project here, although the contexts are quite important for some of the following, so please visit Manuel's site for complete satisfaction. © All Images

Manuel Raeder

Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_1 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_2 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_3 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_4 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_5 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_6 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_7 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_8 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_9 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_10 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_11 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_12 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_13 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_14 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_15 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_16 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_17 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder_18 Arcademi_Manuel_Raeder