Studio Greiling

Studio Greiling is a Stockholm based office, dedicated to furniture design, interior architecture and photography, founded by Katrin Greiling in 2005. Combining these activities gives the office a wide perspective within each project, embracing the tasks from various directions. German born Katrin Greiling studied carpentry and cabinet making before enrolling on the masters’ program in furniture design and interior architecture at Konstfack in Stockholm. After graduating in 2005, she started her global exploration, working with clients in Africa, China, the Middle East, Japan, Indonesia and Europe. During her time in the UAE she created several objects that are now in production by renowned companies, as for Droog, Kvadrat and Design House Stockholm. Her designs won numerous awards and are exhibited worldwide, last in Milan with Lidewij Edelkoort at Nomadismi. Katrin Greiling (b. 1978, DE) lives and works in Stockholm. © All Images

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