Steven Mazzola

23 year old Steven lives and works in Lyon France, where he studies in his final year of photography. While generally concentrating on textures and innocuous compositions, this series is approached differently. For this project entitled "From duddyland with love",he decided to work on a personal vision of an animal water park in the south of France where it is not only animals that are presented but also the environment architecture and decor created as a movie. © All Images

Arcademi_StevenMazzola1 Arcademi_StevenMazzola2 Arcademi_StevenMazzola3 Arcademi_StevenMazzola4 Arcademi_StevenMazzola5 Arcademi_StevenMazzola6 Arcademi_StevenMazzola8 Arcademi_StevenMazzola9 Arcademi_StevenMazzola10 Arcademi_StevenMazzola11 Arcademi_StevenMazzola12 Arcademi_StevenMazzola13 Arcademi_StevenMazzola14 Arcademi_StevenMazzola15 Arcademi_StevenMazzola20 Arcademi_StevenMazzola21 Arcademi_StevenMazzola22 Arcademi_StevenMazzola23