Stephanie Pfaender

You might already be familiar with dear Stephanie as we have shown you some of her work around here before when she started the visual diary NYCBSJ with her friend Jessica Barthel. Stephanie now shared her own very nicely redesigned portfolio and treats us with some great images she has shot so far. Definitely worth a visit, otherwise you might miss the great work she did for clients such as The Germans, Mercedes Benz, Zeit Magazin or Vice.  © 2015 All images

Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_01 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_02 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_03 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_04 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_05 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_06 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_07 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_08 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_09 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_10 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_11 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_12 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_13 Arcademi_StephaniePfaender_Titelbild