Spencer Higgins

What can I say, these images by Spencer Higgins are perfected to the highest degree. Slick, clean and shiny imagery displaying some of the finest brand items, from Tom Ford to Chanel, not to forget the skull. Skulls will always be contemporary folks. © All Images


Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_1 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_2 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_3 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_4 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_5 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_6 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_7 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_8 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_9 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_10 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_11 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_12 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_13 Arcademi_Spencer_Higgins_14