Slash Objects

Slash Objects is an investigation of material and form by Brooklyn design firm Slash Projects. The collection launched in 2016 with an inaugural a line of objects unified by the use of appropriated materials to create beautiful juxtapositions. Simple and geometric forms define the bounds wherein new connections are made. By playing with scale, the exploration ranges from a tassel to a table, and that which exists in between.  The collection centered on the use of an industrial material made of 100% post consumer recycled rubber. By pairing the rubber with brass, marble and concrete, the collection imagines new ways for materials to come together. All of the pieces are hand made in our Brooklyn studio to order. © All Images

SlashObjects_LifeStyle_CONSOL+HEX SlashObjects_LifeStyle_GEM-Table_RubberCYL_HEX SlashObjects_LifeStyle_GEM-Table SlashObjects_LifeStyle_HEX_RubberCYL-Gris SlashObjects_LifeStyle_Marble-Tray SlashObjects_LifeStyle_PinkCandlesticks SlashObjects_LifeStyle_Placemat_CandleStick_Coaster-Vert SlashObjects_LifeStyle_Placemat_CandleStick_Coaster SlashObjects_LifeStyle_Placemat_Card SlashObjects_LifeStyle_RubberCYL_HEX SlashObjects_LifeStyle_RubberCYL-Royal-Gris-PureBlack_SpeckBlack SlashObjects_LifeStyle_ShinyGroup_096_TablesOnlyCROP SlashObjects_LifeStyle_Tassel-Mirror