Simone Steenberg

Simone Steenberg is a Danish fashion and portrait photographer currently residing in London UK.  Her work explores, in particular, women subjects via portraits, body images, the female gaze and identity. She is hugely inspired by the people she meets and the everyday, such as gestures and concepts of dressing and undressing. Fusing documentary and fashion aesthetics, her photography very much comes to life through an ‘intimate’ play with the subject; what is revealed in between the two and finally to the viewer. She is driven by a constant investigation of beauty, sensuality and the visceral. In 2016 she graduated from London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London with an MA in Fashion Photography and has since been working as a freelancer with a range of clients and publications which includes; Vogue Italia, LOVE magazine, Dazed Digital, Wonderland, Bullett Media, DANSK magazine and The Fader. © All Images

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