Sebastian Stadler update

You might have already come across some of Sebastian’s photographies as we showed some of his work to you last year. Let’s have a look at Mr. Stadler’s latest beautiful work called «l'apparition» and read his thoughts about the work: "In my work «l'apparition» I provoke collisions between the material and the virtual. In some of the analogue photographs, light phenomenons become visible. While looking at them in more detail, one can see that these are coincidental traces of a second exposure of the film role. While the first exposure shows the material world, the second one figures windows, presentation frames and skeuomorphic fragments of computer and mobile phone screens, photographed with a macro lens: The perfect surface of the screen is dissolved in the structure of small light spots and overlays the original motif (…)" © All Images

Arcademi_SebastianStadler_01 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_02 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_03 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_04 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_05 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_06 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_07 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_08 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_10 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_11 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_13 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_14 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_15 Arcademi_SebastianStadler_Titelbild