Sandi Gazić

This is Sandi Gazić, 22 years old, originally from Bosnia but born and raised in St.Gallen, Switzerland. After Art School and apprenticeship as Graphic Designer, he worked in the past two years as a Freelancer,  traveled a lot, participated in group exhibitions and realized a list of collaboration projects with different visual Artists. The Artworks/Graphics presented on timetravel3000 give an insight to his work, often dedicated to cultural/political topics or just to weird science documentaries and daily life.  © All Images


Arcademi_Sandi Gazic_01 Arcademi_Sandi Gazic_02 Arcademi_Sandi Gazic_03 Arcademi_Sandi Gazic_04 Arcademi_Sandi Gazic_05 Arcademi_Sandi Gazic_06 Arcademi_Sandi Gazic_07 Arcademi_Sandi Gazic_08 Arcademi_Sandi Gazic_09