Robert Stadler

Ladies and Gentleman Robert Stadler. ''Born in 1966 in Vienna. He studied design at Ied/Milan and at eNsCI/Paris. He explores the exhibition space in order to scramble the usual categories of art and design, constantly questions the status of the object as work of art or product as well as the border of preciousness / lowliness and the serious / the absurd. His work is present in several private and public collections such as Fondation Cartier, Fonds National d’art Contemporain, MaK - Museum for applied arts / Contemporary art in Vienna, les arts décoratifs in Paris. He works for clients such as académie des César, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Nissan, Ricard and Thonet. In 2012 Robert Stadler receives the “Prix liliane bettencourt pour l’Intelligence de la main” together with siegeair’s craftsmen. Robert Stadler intervenes in very diverse fields, obliterating all hierarchies between free proposals, industrial and public commissions.'' © Robert Stadler, Galerie de Multiples , Galerie Perrotin, Galerie Triple V, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Kvadrat, Martin Argyroglo, Mika K. Wisskirchen,   André Morin, Adrien Millot, Casper Sejersen, Byron Slater, Patrick Gries.

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