Ricardo Passaporte

Here is a browse through Ricardo's entire portfolio (soon to be updated by the way), without regard of any differentiation. He was born 1987 in Lisbon, Portugal and was already published in several magazines, Vice etc. …Enjoy these analog impression and be sure to visit his site for the different entire series. Oh and there is more to see, from runway to collage and more. © All Images


Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_1 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_2 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_3 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_4 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_5 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_6 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_7 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_8 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_9 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_10 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte_11 Arcademi_Ricardo_Passaporte