Rasmus typeface was created 2014 by Markus John after the first typeface »Tilde«. Rasmus exists as a regular and bold version. The typeface bases on classic serifs like »Times« or »Sabon« paired with contemporary details. One significant detail are the oblique serifs and / or edges. The bold version has a larger x-high. Therefore it becomes more equal. Both styles works for running and headline texts. The name Rasmus is the continuation and male counterpart of »Tilde«. It symbolize a strong but at the same time detailed aesthetic.Year: 2013 Styles: Regular & Bold *Italic in the making. © All Images


rasmus_typeface_sample2Rasmus_typeface_06 Rasmus_typeface_07    Rasmus_typeface_11 Rasmus_typeface_magazine01 Rasmus_typeface_magazine02 Rasmus_typeface_magazine03  Rasmus_typeface_magazine05  Rasmus_typeface_magazine07      rasmus_typeface_sample4