Quentin Lacombe

“Event Horizon”, is the term that designates the boundary around a black hole beyond which events cannot propagate, therefore warping the surrounding spacetime. This work is a personal attempt to construct a cosmology through photographic means. Under this rather idiosyncratic curved sky, different entities roam along an endless timeline: animals, organic matter, technological artifacts and architectural objects, all seen alike by a non-discriminating gaze, as if they inhabited his universe with equivalent agency in a flat ontology of sorts. © All Images


Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_01 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_02 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_03 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_04 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_05 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_06 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_07 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_08 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_09 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_10 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_11 Arcademi_Quentin_Lacombe_12