Qompendium Work Shop

Qompendium Work Shop is an art concept store and a consequent extension to Qompendium Print Publication. It is created to nurture their readership with an open and ongoing space to encounter cutting-edge and historically relevant products, ideas and individual talents. By opening their own multibrand shopping experience we aim to eliminate the existing hierarchy between global luxury brands and new emerging artists. Qompendium Work Shop operates both offline and online, with worldwide shipping and satellite locations. A few enchanting examples. © All Images


Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_01 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_02 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_03 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_04 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_05 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_06 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_07 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_08 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_09 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_10 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_11 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_12 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_13 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_14 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_15 Arcademi_Qompendium_WS_16