Pia Simensen

Pia was born in a small town on the swedish westcoast, but lives and works in stockholm. She is working with various techniques but mostly in pencil, there is a seriousness in the grey area which is almost pitch-black. Her works are a trip, an ego-trip into her world. She tends to be drawn to melancholy and always tries to honor the woman and the child in herself. © All Images


Arcademi_Pia_Simensen_01 Arcademi_Pia_Simensen_02 Arcademi_Pia_Simensen_03 Arcademi_Pia_Simensen_04 Arcademi_Pia_Simensen_05 Arcademi_Pia_Simensen_06 Arcademi_Pia_Simensen_07 Arcademi_Pia_Simensen_08 Arcademi_Pia_Simensen_09 Arcademi_Pia_Simensen_10