Paulo Wirz

"Photography became something else in my life since I moved to Europe in 2008. After 2 years studying photography at the ECAL, in Lausanne, and an exchange semester at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, in Amsterdam, I decided to finish my studies at the Art school of Zürich. The creative process is an endless path and I am glad to share with you some images I did, from the series: Between Heroes and Villains, Nobody Comes Alone, All We Need Is Blood and Kuruka." © All Images

Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_01 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_02 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_03 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_04 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_05 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_06 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_07 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_08 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_09 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_10 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_11 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_12 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_13 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_14 Arcademi_Paulo_Wirz_15