Paul Kooiker

“Paul Kooiker is best known for his startling and singular photographs of voluptuous female forms, yet his individual images are incomprehensible except as a part that cumulatively make up his psychologically charged oeuvre. Kooiker’s photographs do not allow for comfortable looking, instead demonstrating his fascination with the game of perception. (...) Kooiker’s work continues themes explored frequently throughout the history of representation: the relationship of the artist and the model, between the subject and the object of representation. Voyeurism is an ineluctable constant in his work, but it seems as if an explicit sexuality has been (somewhat surprisingly) kept away from his images. Furthermore, he manages to endow the female bodies of his models with a rotund material quality that goes beyond the merely corporeal, and is in line with artists such as Carlo Mollino or Boris Mikhailov.”© All Images

Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2009crush2     Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2009crush7  Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2011sunday1      Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2011sunday7 Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2012heaven1 Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2012heaven2 Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2012heaven3 Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2012heaven4   Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2012heaven7 Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2013rick-owens1   Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2013rick-owens4 Arcademi_Paul_Kooiker_2013rick-owens5