Olle Bengtsson

“I was working as a graphic designer at an advertising agency called BETC Paris, but in the beginning of 2015 I decided to quit in order to focus on photography. I’m very interested in the process behind each project and I always try do as much in camera as possible. I want to create conceptually strong images that encourages the viewer to reflect on what is before their eyes.” Visit his site for more details on the series and more. © All Images


Arcademi_Olle_Bengtsson_01 Arcademi_Olle_Bengtsson_02 Arcademi_Olle_Bengtsson_03 Arcademi_Olle_Bengtsson_05 Arcademi_Olle_Bengtsson_06 Arcademi_Olle_Bengtsson_07 Arcademi_Olle_Bengtsson_08 Arcademi_Olle_Bengtsson_09 Arcademi_Olle_Bengtsson_11