Ninna Berger

Describing Ninna's work could get me into trouble, let me just say it is very special, decide yourself if you would want to place it closer to art or design, if you need to. In anyway it is worth taking a very close look. © All Images

Arcademi_ninna-berger-2152 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2195 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2216 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2236 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2278 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2356 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2366 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2374 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2396 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2441 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2456 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2499 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2515 Arcademi_ninna-berger-2534