Nils Guadagnin

“The work I develop is primarily about space, emptiness, light, physicality and perception. I try to reinvestigate the material and perceptible limits of elements that compose and define  our physical environment. It often relates to minimal art as well as daily experience of space.  From wall pieces to volumes, each work tries to enhance its own materiality to create an  elusive experience that disturb our understanding of physical space.” Living and working in Paris. © All Images

Nils Guadagnin1_Flat dimension Nils Guadagnin2_Flat dimension Nils Guadagnin3_Hanging stone Nils Guadagnin4_Inversion Nils Guadagnin5_Levitation structure Nils Guadagnin6_Relic Nils Guadagnin7_Shell Nils Guadagnin8_Supervoid Nils Guadagnin9_Heat wave Nils Guadagnin10_Sunset mirror Nils Guadagnin11_Sunset mirror