Nicolas Polli

There you go, folks. Take a look at these damn nice shots by Swiss photographer ad graphic designer Nicolas Polli. Read his lines below to get an insight into his latest project, a photo series called ”176.10965.44 Berlin”. Meanwhile we’re trying to figure out which one we'd like to hang up on our wall.
”On 06.012014 I’ve moved on the 44, Kreuzbergstrasse in Berlin 10965 to do a six month internship at Onlab studio. I’ll spend approximately 176 days in 10965, or these have been my early predictions. At studio Onlab I essentially work as a graphic designer, which quite no include any photographic works. Because of this I have decided to start a photographic project with the aim to keep me trained both technically and conceptually: a photo a day during 176 days to capture my impressions about Berlin 10965 or just to convey something special for me.” © 2014 All images

Arcademi_NicolasPolli_01 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_02 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_03 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_04 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_05 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_06 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_07 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_08 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_10 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_11 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_12 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_13 Arcademi_NicolasPolli_Titelbild