Nadine Goepfert

Nadine Goepfert is a Berlin based textile designer. She studied at School of Art Berlin Weißensee and Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Her work is based on research and conceptual thinking and explores the wide field of eventualities by creating open situations, which from the basis for textile designs and art installations. With an eye on detail and an interest in traditional textile techniques and craftsmanship, she constantly experiments with the diverse aspects of the materiality and structure of textiles.  Her research on garments and fashion attempts to reveal our unconscious and unapparent habits in relation to clothing. The research is applied both theoretically and as a basis for further material explorations. „Breaks in continuity“ is a series of scarves. The series comments on the conventional ways of wearing a scarf. Through minimal interventions the items break with adopted habits and create a multitude of new shapes and surprisingly diverse variants of wear. © All Images

Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_1 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_5 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_7 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_8 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_11 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_14 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_15 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_17 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_19 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_22 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_25 Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_27-Recovered Arcademi_BreaksinContinuity_NadineGoepfert_InaNiehoff_27