Nadine Gerber

"Spend Some Time Together", Inkpen on paper, letter size,  selection out of (apr.) 400. For me drawing is a way to acquire the present moment and environment and bring myself together by executing a very meditative and focused work. This collection of drawn items (more than 400 drawings) is on one hand a self-portrait and dairy of the time i spent in Chicago. The objects tell a lot about my habits, my preferences and daily routine- but besides that, they also tell a lot about america. It is a study of package design and selling strategies. I'm very interested in the texts written on the goods. In the drawing I reduce the objects and goods to their surface. This abstraction unmasks the well embedded advertisement and selling strategies we became so used to, that we don't even recognize them anymore. Also we hardly ever think of the production processes, and the recourses being involved in the production of the things we buy and use and throw a way constantly. I see my work as an appreciation of the goods i use every day and who accompany me for a (short) time. By drawing them, I give them an additional value, by spending my time and attention and I give them a longer lasting existence. Most of the pictured objects are thrown away immediately after their use. © All Images