Michael Schoner

Some great constructions from Michael, Folks check the Coathanger moveable through remote, isn't that thing a blast! artist statement:"I’m in search of simple forms. I’m fascinated with construction, geometry, space, mass and voids and how to make emotionally significant objects through simple design operations. I want to achieve this with basic geometric bodies. I’m often interested in twisting perception or creating double or multiple meanings. Some of my designs are made for social interaction. I have founded my own studio 1,5 years ago to be able to research of my own. After working for NL Architects for six years I have left them this February to fully concentrate on creating my own body of work.
Being German and educated as Architect at the Technical University in Darmstadt I have now lived in Amsterdam for almost 7 years. Here I have build up my network. Besides architecture and design I am strongly influenced by the local good climate in the field of graphic design and photography." © All Images