Michael Bodiam

Michael Bodiam is a Scotland born photographer who is now living and working in the city of London. His portfolio contains a lot of great images which happen to both surprise and challenge the viewer’s eye and mind as Michael enjoys representing objects in an imaginative and playful way. So let's have a look, folks – it's definitely worth it. © 2016 All images


Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_01 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_02 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_03 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_04 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_05 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_06 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_07 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_08 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_09 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_10 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_11 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_12 Arcademi_MichaelBodiam_Titelbild