Mehdi Lacoste

What a lovely recommendation, Mehdi Lacoste is a London based freelance photographer & art director. Obviously with a great body of work, his clients & publications include Absolut Vodka, Adidas Originals, ASOS, I-D, Nike, Novembre, Topman, Vans, Vogue (US & Brazil) & WAD amongst others.  © All Images

Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_00 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_01 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_02 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_03 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_04 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_05 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_06 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_07 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_08 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_09 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_10 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_11 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_12 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_13 Arcademi_Mehdi_Lacoste_14