Maxime Guyon

Some of you might remember the last post we presented on Maximes work. This time we coming with a full load of recently updated stuff from the photographer and set designer living and working between Lyon and Lausanne. Smashing! © All Images

Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_01 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_02 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_03 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_04 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_05 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_06 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_07 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_08 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_09 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_10 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_11 Arcademi_Maxime_Guyon_12