Matthieu Visentin

Matthieu is a swiss graphic designer and currently student at ECAL, Lausanne, he also graduated in multimedia design at EIKON, Fribourg. “My greatest influence comes from my deep obsession with mystical themes. I'm very fond of ritual-fueled thinking movements, mystical literature in general and a lot of horror movies. Besides that, what may characterize my work is my tendency to build visual tension between the elements of a composition – no matter the medium – and between the composition and the medium itself. I also like to merge analog and digital processes in a project, which sometimes brings a slightly exciting eye-catching contrast in a composition.” © All Images

Matthieu_Visentin-192001 Matthieu_Visentin-192002 Matthieu_Visentin-AUTOPSY01 Matthieu_Visentin-AUTOPSY03 Matthieu_Visentin-DESEN01 Matthieu_Visentin-DESEN11 Matthieu_Visentin-DESEN13 Matthieu_Visentin-FLIGHTPLAN08 Matthieu_Visentin-FLIGHTPLAN10 Matthieu_Visentin-POLO01 Matthieu_Visentin-SNAKE01