Märta Thisner

Märta is a photographer based in Stockholm. Maybe you have already seen some of her works in magazines like Die Zeit, Vice, Neon and Rodeo, … Check out her website if you haven’t - it’s worth the visit! © All Images


Arcademi_MaerthaThisner_01 Arcademi_MaerthaThisner_02 Arcademi_MaerthaThisner_03 Arcademi_MaerthaThisner_04 Arcademi_MaerthaThisner_05 Arcademi_MaerthaThisner_06 Arcademi_MaerthaThisner_07 Arcademi_MaerthaThisner_08 Arcademi_MaerthaThisner_09 Arcademi_MaerthaThisner_Titelbild