Marius Op ’T Eynde

There you go boys, we got something you definitely should take a look at. Mariuspetrus is the new menswear label by designer Marius Op ’T Eynde who finished studying in Arnhem two years ago followed by internships at Alexander McQueen and Raf Simons. Sounds good, looks even better. The combination of high quality materials, graphic shapes and strong colors creates a masculine look that stands out with special detailing. Wouldn’t be too bad to see some more guys in such pretty clothes. All contents copyright © 2013 Marius

Arcademi_MariusPetrus_01 Arcademi_MariusPetrus_02 Arcademi_MariusPetrus_03 Arcademi_MariusPetrus_04 Arcademi_MariusPetrus_05 Arcademi_MariusPetrus_06 Arcademi_MariusPetrus_07 Arcademi_MariusPetrus_08 Arcademi_MariusPetrus_09 Arcademi_MariusPetrus_Titelbild